The Truth About Diet Pills Part One: Prescription Weight Loss Pills

The Basics about Prescription Weight Loss Pills

Currently, most weight loss drugs that are commonly approved by the FDA are only for short-term use which means using them for a few weeks or at most a couple of months. Basically there are two types of prescription diet medication. One type of weight loss medication commonly prescribed is essentially an appetite suppressant and commonly come in the form of extended release capsules or standard tablets. Appetite suppressants "promote" weight loss by fooling the body into believing that it is not hungry or that it's full. This is achieved by increasing two chemicals inside the brain that affect both mood and appetite.

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Another type of diet drug is the fat absorption inhibitor. These inhibitors work by stopping your body from breaking down and absorbing fat eaten with your meals. This unabsorbed fat is then eliminated from your body through your bowel movements. Sounds great right? You just pass the fat... so to speak. But it's not really that simple. The most common cause of body fat is stored carbohydrates not the fat taken in from what you eat. Secondly there's a catch to taking these medications which we will discuss later. And finally, but what I consider one of the most overlooked yet important considerations, there are numerous risks that come with taking prescription weight loss pills.

The Risks You Must Weigh When Considering Prescription Weight Loss Pills

When you actually start to consider taking a pill for your weight loss you should definitely think twice. There are three concerns that should be discussed with your doctor prior to obtaining a prescription for diet pills. These three concerns are:

Addiction: In today's flooded weight loss pill market all prescription weight loss drugs are considered "controlled substances". This means that your doctor is required to follow certain regulations and restrictions when prescribing you the medicine because it could be addictive.
Tolerance: It is common knowledge amongst doctors that prescribe these pills that almost everyone's weight tends to level off after about six months of taking weight loss pills. This is a concern for doctors as it shows that the patient may be developing a tolerance for the medication. This is especially frightening due to that fact that you are gaining a tolerance to chemicals that your brain produces which affects appetite and mood.
Side Effects: The common side effects of weight loss pills are often unpleasant. Although its rare; serious and even fatal outcomes have been reported from using these weight loss pills. And to be honest... there are just way too many side effects to list in a bullet point so allow me to truly explain the risks of prescription diet pills.

The Dangers of Prescription Weight Loss Pills

Over the short term; shedding the pounds using prescription drugs may reduce some health risks in obese patients. Unfortunately since enough time has not passed since their development there are currently no studies to determine the effects of these medications over the long term. So don't be surprised if ten years from now there is some adverse side effect to your health. Sure that may sound harsh but let's take a look at what we know about the side effects of these pills. This is a list of the common side effects of the two types of prescription weight loss medication most commonly prescribed:

Increased heart rate Increased blood pressure Sweating Constipation Insomnia Excessive thirst Lightheadedness Drowsiness Stuffy nose Headache Anxiety Dry mouth Abdominal Cramping Severe flatulence Leakage of oily stool Increased number of bowl movements Inability to control bowel movements

Now it might just be me but there is just something about that list that leaves a bad feeling. Well... more than one thing but you catch my drift. In my personal opinion and experience there's nothing healthy about something that gives you; an increased heart rate, increased blood pressure, abdominal cramping, severe flatulence, leakage of oily stool, an increased number of bowl movements, and finally the inability to control bowel movements. But like I said that might just be me.

The Catch with Prescription Weight Loss Pills

I mentioned this part earlier in the article and as promised I'll discuss it with you now. Because these prescription drugs are not recommended for long term use doctors do recommend that people trying to lose weight learn new eating habits such as dieting and exercise to make the drug effective. Well... that's kind of redundant isn't it? If you're going to have to diet and exercise anyways... then what's the point of taking a prescription medication with all those health risks attached when finding a good diet alone will help you shed the pounds? To sum it all up for you and make it simple; Stay away from these prescription weight loss pills. Find a good diet that suits your lifestyle instead... since you have to diet anyways. This way when you do get healthy and fit you can stay that way without having to suffer from any leakage of oily stool or inability to control bowel movements during your daily life such as work or family.

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