4 Common Weight Loss Mistakes

Weight loss seems to elude many dieters. But why is this so? Is it possible that all of us are lacking will power? Usually, not. One problem may be that you are sabotaging yourself without even knowing it. Here are some weight loss mistakes that many dieters make.

Eat the right kind of salad. Often, clients would come to me with the problem of their weight loss plan not working. As we went over their daily food intake, salad was big on the list. Unfortunately, we had two different ideas of salad.

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Just because the name of a dish includes the word salad, does not make it healthy. Some examples of salad that may sabotage weight loss efforts include pasta salad, potato salad, or salad made with other grains instead of fresh vegetables. Keep in mind that whole grains are good, but too many may have the opposite effect while often these kinds of salads added to a meal may simply be too much food at one time.

A salad as part of a weight loss plan is different. The best version would be a salad made of fresh, leafy greens, various other cut vegetables, and maybe some protein, if the salad is your main meal.

Pay attention to what you drink. Beverages often contain what you don't want. Of course, too much bottled fruit juice or sodas contain a lot of sugar. But you also have to watch out for bottled teas, sports drinks and juice drinks, which may contain high fructose corn syrup. Also, watch for diet sodas since the latest research shows that those who drink diet soda on a regular basis have 70% larger waistlines that those who opt for water or other healthy beverages.

Be careful of bread choices. Bread may sabotage weight loss efforts; especially those that are served with a restaurant meal. Often these will contain white flour, sugar, lots of butter and lots of calories all packed into one little bread stick or roll. (There is a reason they taste so good!)

If you eat at a restaurant, try to avoid the bread that comes before the meal. Drink your water or reach for whole grain crackers if available. Read ingredients of all breads, cereals, muffins, crackers, or any other bread products. Try to avoid those that contain white or bleached flour, sugar, high fructose corn syrup, or just a lot of ingredients you can not pronounce.

Reducing bread intake may be one of the most difficult weight loss mistakes to avoid. This is because bread and bread products can be addicting due to the ingredients. If bread is one of your downfalls, try to find healthy replacements for each time you eat bread. Give yourself at least a week to see if you can curb your cravings and move on to healthier choices.

Use portion control. Portion control is very important to any weight loss plan. Often, dieters know they are eating a healthy meal. What they may not realize is that the amount of food eaten in one sitting can stop you from losing weight.

One example is protein portion. Lean proteins are an important part of a healthy diet; it helps preserve muscle while giving your liver the nutrients it needs to burn unsightly fat. But eating too much protein is unhealthy because your body simply cannot digest too much at one time. Contrary to popular belief, it will not digest later, either. Instead, this extra protein may turn into fat, excess weight and excess waste in your abdominal area.

As you can see, cutting out certain foods may be necessary, while simply reducing the amount you eat works for other foods. It is important to pay attention when on any weight loss plan and try to avoid mistakes that sabotage. Once you get used to finding the mistakes and changing to healthier habits, weight loss can become more natural.

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