Easier Weight Loss With Appetite Control

Let's face it; weight loss is hard because small portions and bland foods can lead to hunger and cravings. Things could be easier if we learned how to include the foods that help curb appetite and maybe even ward off cravings. So how do we do this? Here are some ways to help you control your appetite, making the weight loss game easier.

Consume fiber in your weight loss diet. Often we confuse this with eating whole grain breads and cereals. But there are other, lower calorie and more fiber packed foods that can contribute to appetite control. Certain foods and nutritional supplements will help you feel fuller for longer while at the same time clearing your body of internal, built up waste.

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Instead of the basic whole grain breads and cereals, look for sprouted grains. These contain more nutrition, more fiber and less hidden ingredients that can sabotage weight loss. Fresh produce is full of natural fiber, packed with nutrients and has low calories. Eat fresh, whole fruits, leafy greens, cabbage, broccoli and carrots. To get what you need, include vegetables, either raw, steamed or sauteed, with each meal and snack on fruits in between.

For more cleansing power, take a fiber pill to hep clear waste. Be sure to drink plenty of water if you take this supplement and do not overdo the dosage. Taking a fiber supplement at the beginning of the day along with a healthy diet all day, can help curb appetite from the start.

Protein works to feed your muscles to maintain shape during weight loss. It also contains important nutrients that you liver needs for optimal health. A healthy liver is important since this organ is responsible for burning unhealthy fats. And studies show that eating protein throughout the day helps reduce hunger.

Be sure the protein you eat is truly healthy and works for weight loss. Some proteins include lean beef, poultry, fish, beans and nuts. Eat small amounts of protein three to five times per day to maintain a stronger metabolism. Try to get a variety of proteins during the course of a week to ensure you get a healthy mix of amino acids for your muscles.

Avoid junk foods and those that contain white flour and sugar. This can have a reverse effect to your weight loss program. These foods are known to trigger cravings. They do not contain a well rounded supply of nutrients, leaving your body hungry for real food. Eating these foods may trick you into over eating while leaving you feeling tired, moody and with more cravings then when you started.

Drink water throughout the day. Start your day with water, drink it between meals and after your last meal. Add citrus or a splash of fruit juice if you crave flavor. On the other hand, allow your body to enjoy the taste of fresh, clean water.

Water can help fill the hunger void between a meal and a snack. It helps your body clear waste and the excess weight that you are shedding during your diet. On the other hand, often we confuse thirst for hunger and reach for food when we do not really need it. Try this experiment. Any time you feel a craving coming on or feel hungry, first drink six to eight ounces of water. If you are still hungry, then eat a healthy snack.

Eat breakfast each day. If you are the type that is not hungry in the morning, try a piece of fresh fruit, a healthy smoothie, a hard boiled egg or a small amount of yogurt. This little weight loss trick can help curb cravings later in the day. It also gives your metabolism a jump start to start burning calories. Be sure your breakfast is healthy and conducive to weight loss as described. Eating a doughnut or muffin may have the opposite effect and hurt your efforts.

Any weight loss diet should be well balanced and include plenty of nutrition. Fasting, extreme dieting and fad dieting usually only has temporary effects and can even hurt your health. Be sure to check with your doctor before any diet changes; especially if you take medications.

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