6 Week Weight Loss Plan: Reduce Your Weight in Six Weeks Sharp

You are probably wondering why anyone would want a 6 week weight loss program. There may be urgency. You probably are getting married in the next 6 weeks and would want to lose some pounds to fit in that lovely gown you have always wanted. Or you are attending a high school re-union and want to look as good as you did during those days. The bad thing about weight gain is that it limits us in terms of the clothes we wear. We are left with very few choices in our wardrobes since most fancy clothes are designed for the average size.

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This weight loss program not only allows you to lose the bulk and become leaner but it too re-energizes you and makes you stronger within a short time. The program takes six weeks only but gradually tones the body and trims the extra fat. This prevents your skin from hanging loosely due to the rapid weight loss.

Divided in three phases, the 6 week weight loss program contains useful guidelines on nutrition that allows a person to easily and quickly change how you feel and look. As you will see, it does not necessarily mean that these six weeks are weeks of torture and suffering. It can be so easy depending on how you take it.

In the initial phrase, simple exercises are encouraged in order to burn the calories. This helps re shape your body and prepares it for weight loss. In the second phrase, the exercise intensifies and becomes more rigorous. This means that you are burning more calories than you did in the initial phrase. In the third phase, you are encouraged to burn as much calories as your body will need. During this phase you burn calories to the maximum until you are satisfied with your body shape. This is normally the last part and is expected to e a round the sixth week.

A 6 week diet program may not only consist of exercise but it also means you have to be on a strict diet during this period. It may require that you reduce your calorie intake as well as refined carbohydrates. This is good because besides helping you shed off some pounds, it will also have immense health benefits on your health as well as the blood pressure.

An effective weight loss plan should be able to improve your metabolism since it's the primary goal of all weight loss techniques. If you develop a fast metabolic system, it will mean that you are able to eat a lot more everyday. It also allows you to burn more calories in a day. In the same way, limit yourself to smaller and more frequent meals per day.

With this 6 week weight loss program, the body is reshaped until the ideal figure is achieved. Some of the people who have used it claim to have lost as much as 25 pounds in the program.

Depending on your commitment, this program can work for you even for a shorter duration. In fact, each phase should not last more than one week.

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