How A Few Simple Foods Are Shaping The Future Of The Weight Loss Industry

Post the 1980s, the word 'diet pill' has become a dirtier and dirtier word. Associated with nausea, palpitations, addiction and feeling anxious, 'diet pill' is not word that is talked about with pride, or is something that people necessarily admit to taking.

Over the last 2 years however, due to recent product developments and launches, there has been a dramatic shift in the type of weight loss product on offer. Many of these new products are taking their inspiration and key active ingredients from nature, but are also offering exceptional quality and results, with an innovative edge.

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Many of the new and outstanding weight reduction products that have appeared on the market offer incredible results, and are 100% natural, side effect free, with the added bonus of also being fantastic for our health in general. These products feature active ingredients that we can be proud of taking and telling friends, family and colleagues about.

These new generation ingredients and products are making the word 'diet pill' sound less toxic, associated with unpleasant side effects, and may herald a much brighter future for the weight loss industry to come.

The Chilli Revolution

It has been known for a few decades now that chilli is beneficial for losing weight. The chilli, or capsicum, speeds up the metabolism, burns fat and calories and also suppresses the appetite.

However, in the past, in order for us to benefit from the chilli, we would have had to digest vast amounts of this food, which would have damaged and irritated our digestive systems, if not make us very ill beforehand!

Now, for the very first time we are able to take the required quantity for weight loss in a capsule. A chilli capsule has been developed with an effective outer coating to stop the high dose chilli capsule dissolving until it reaches the small intestine, where it can effectively work without causing any irritation.

The technology was invented by the company who are behind the launch of Capsiplex, which has taken the weight loss market by storm, since it's launch in 2010, and was even described as an 'NHS Miracle' (National Health Service - the UK state health system) on the front page of UK National Newspaper The Daily Star.

The Seaweed Complex Stopping Carbs In Their Tracks

Brown Seaweed has been known to counter obesity, support the thyroid function and increase the metabolism since the 19th century. However, recent scientific developments have established that there is also a highly concentrated and standardised glycoprotein complex derived from the seaweed extract source, which is clinically proven to reduce the absorption of up to 82%* of carbohydrates.

During these carb conscious times, that is a major scientific development, and obviously has major weight reduction implications, showing the incredible power of certain foods.

This technology has been used in a product called Meratol, and we can only expect to see a lot more of this groundbreaking ingredient.

Green Tea Steps Up To A Whole New Level

Up until now, people have had a vague notion that green tea is beneficial for the health, losing weight and suppressing the appetite. In fact, green tea extract is a key ingredient in many popular and well known products on the market today.

However, it is only really now that green tea is really stepping up to the mark, as the strong weight loss contender it really is. Green tea in its pure and highly concentrated form speeds up the metabolism, burns fat, suppresses the appetite, and also boosts energy (due to it's naturally occurring caffeine). Again this is nature and weight loss foods at their best!

Up until now, the majority of green tea products purchased have been green tea extract capsules of varying dosage, or just plain old green tea that is purchased in the supermarket.

The most superior forms of green tea are Oolong (loved by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham), Sencha and Wu Yi. These teas are all relatively expensive and also have lower customer awareness, although these are the green teas that deliver the exceptional slimming and health benefits.

For the first time, these three most superior forms of green tea have been combined in one product, Tava Tea. We now have a product that actually lives up to all the green tea hype, and can deliver incredible weight loss benefits to the user, at an affordable price.

Now the bar has been raised in the standard of green tea product available, we can only expect to see more high quality green tea products delivering outstanding weight reduction results and health benefits.

Back To Basics And A Bright New Future For The Weight Loss Industry

So is it this recession hit time that has led to our return back to nature, or the fact that people no longer want to settle for second best and all the associated side effects that come with it?

We believe the answer is 'yes' to both of the above, but it is more to do with the fact that these products are actually the best slimming products on the market, and offer great value and outstanding results.

With the introduction of new ingredients such as the incredible fat burner chilli, or the carb blocker seaweed complex, innovation continuing in the weight loss market, and the bar of excellence continually being raised. We can only predict that this more natural approach, delivering incredible results and innovation, is the future of weight loss to come.

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* Ref: Meratol website

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