How to Motivate Yourself To Stick To Your Weight Loss Routine Even If You Don't Feel Like It

Your moods change all the time and therefore, you are not going to feel motivated all the time to stick to your weight loss routine. You are bound to feel various set of emotions that will prevent you from sticking to your weight loss routine. But every day if you fail to stick to your weight loss routine, you will start to fail with your weight loss plans.

Missing even a single day from your weight loss routine can be fatal. You don't know whether just doing this small thing today can help you lose three pounds tomorrow or not. But this is true. When you stick to any routine for a while, you reach a tipping point. But the problem is we can never tell whether you have or you haven't reached a tipping point.

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That's why you need to follow your weight loss routine religiously. If you fail to stick through, you will never notice any results on the outside. You might feel motivated internally. Your friends won't understand your emotional state and will secretly make fun of you. They'll mock your weight loss routine and hurt your self-esteem even further. Your self-respect will go down if you fail to adhere to your plan.

But there's a way out. You can make sure that you stick to your weight loss routine on a daily basis by using an accountability partner. An accountability partner is someone who holds you accountable for a particular set of actions that you need to do on a regular basis.

An accountability partner can be a friend you trust or your spouse or your boss or your personal trainer. This works because you are motivated by the fear of losing your partner's respect and trust in you if you fail to adhere to your plan. That's why celebrities succeed so fast when it comes to weight loss.

They make an open commitment to the producer, director and the media that they are going to get a bikini body or six pack abs for this particular movie. If they fail, their entire reputation is at stake. With your friends, your reputation won't be at stake because they know you well and will continue to love you no matter what. But there's a way around that. It's by offering your friend your hard earned money.

Here's how to set up accountability:

1. Find a person who you know that wants you to lose weight. There will be people who will support your weight loss plans and those who secretly want you to fail. Find someone who wants you to win at the weight loss game.

2. Ask them to support you in your goals. Reveal to them your exact weight loss routine. Give them your one month's paycheck.

3. Tell your accountability partner that they are to spend the entire money on something that is of depreciating value if you even fail to stick to your plan for a single day.

4. Find a way to contact them and tell them as to whether you've followed your plan for the day or not. If they're close by, you can meet them and tell them. Or you can e-mail them or tell it to them via phone. But you have to be honest to yourself and to your partner.

5. Set up the accountability for about 30 days. Until day 30, the partner will have to hold you accountable for your plan. After day 30, you can choose to keep an external accountability or change your plan based on the results you are getting.

That's how you set up an accountability partner. The results you experience will be based on the effectiveness of your plan and routine. So it's worth to consult an expert before creating your plan/routine. Always give a break once every week or once every ten days for renewal. And also tell your friend/partner that you might need a day off for sick days. Legitimate reasons are allowed.

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