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Any weight loss plan should start with a healthy diet. Using a weight loss detox diet can help you gain energy, lose pounds and get healthy while you are losing weight. But this is not an extreme diet plan or anything unhealthy. A weight loss detox diet is a no nonsense, healthy way of eating that allows your body to naturally cleanse and detoxify as it was made to do.

The first part of a weight loss detox diet is to include mainly fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet. This is because fresh produce if full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and other compounds that stimulates digestion, speeds metabolism and adds the nutrition your body needs to stay healthy.

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You cannot get these same compounds from a vitamin pill. That's because the nutrients in whole foods are more complex than modern science can replicate. Vitamins, minerals and other compounds work together to complement each other and to ensure that your body gets the proper balance. This is nature's way of making sure you don't overdo it on some nutrients while leaving others out. Eating a variety of fruits and vegetables from different color categories will help you get a diversity of nutrients.

In most weight loss detox diets, you will see the inclusion of mainly raw produce. This is because cooking, even steaming, can harm many of the nutrients and enzymes. Raw vegetables raise metabolism by stimulating digestion. Raw fruits help your body naturally cleanse and detoxify. Adding both to your diet on a regular basis will help you feel more energetic, lighter and help your body lose weight.

Whole grains can complement a healthy weight loss detox diet. They can act as a broom to help sweep your digestive tract. Some have Essential Fatty Acids, a necessary nutrient for healthy skin, hair and even brain. Strive for whole, unprocessed grains when possible. This means in place of white flour, look for whole oats, whole wheat and other whole grains in your breads and cereals. Cook when you can; include foods such as basmati rice, quinoa or amaranth into your daily meals in place of breads, pasta or instant mashed potatoes.

If you eat animal proteins, it is best not to cut them out altogether. However, many of us could benefit by cutting the amount of animal proteins. This is because your body can only digest a certain amount from a meal at a time. This means, if you eat too much protein at once, your body cannot digest so may store it, instead. This leads to fatigue, weight gain and other unhealthy factors.

Keep your proteins lean and varied. Do not eat processed meats, but instead cook your own poultry, fish, lean steak or vegetarian proteins. Other protein sources include sprouts, beans, legumes, nuts and seeds. Experiment with foods you have not tried yet, you might find something you like!

Drink water throughout the day. Make it even more beneficial by adding a squeeze of lemon juice. This helps your body flush waste and toxins that naturally shed as you lose weight. Drinking enough water can help you feel more energized and make weight loss a little easier. Be careful to spread your water throughout the day and do not drink it all at once for best results.

What you don't eat is as important as what you do eat. Try to cut out as many processed foods as possible while on a weight loss detox diet. Highly processed foods have added sugars, fats and chemicals that can sabotage weight loss efforts. In addition, these types of foods can trigger cravings and make you feel worse, not only physically, but mentally.

No matter what weight loss diet you try, be sure to check with your doctor or health professional; especially if you take medications. And once you start a weight loss program, stick with it for at least 30 days so you can see results. A weight loss detox can be a beneficial thing for many people; inform yourself, be persistent and most importantly, be kind to yourself.

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