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What You Do in Weight Loss Resorts

Briefly, weight loss resorts (or weight loss camps) are residential areas where obese and overweight people spend some time so that they can lose weight. The resorts expose them to a variety of activities that will guarantee you lose weight and make them rethink their habits so that they can attain and maintain a healthy lifestyle thereafter.

Men and women of all ages are admitted - even children are admitted along with their parents, so the activities in the camp become a family moment where parents spend quality time with the children and the children learn plenty of good health habits from their parents. Healthy habits that cover weight loss are important for children to know, especially because they are in a society that places plenty of reverence for slimness, which is regarded as healthy and good-looking. These resorts also expose all people to experts who can give reliable information and put them into practical use there and then into the camp.

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The concept of weight loss resorts is not new. Fifty years ago, these resorts are referred to as "fat farms". The conditions set in these fat farms, however, are quite extreme. People who attended them underwent diets that are extremely low in calories along with vigorous exercise for many days. These practices are unhealthy and can lead to some short-term or long-term health effects. Because calories are required for exercise, those who exercised while on these "fat farms" of old suffered exhaustion. Extremely low calorie diets over a period of days can cause malnutrition as well, since it is also likely that the dieters there do not have a sufficient intake of other nutrients. The fat farms of old ordered a regimen similar to the fad diets today.

Modern Weight Loss Resorts

Weight loss resorts today, however, advocate healthy ways of losing weight. The science of weight loss has evolved dramatically already, and now we know that not all calories are bad and not all fats are bad. We also know now that weight loss is caused by a use of energy (in the form of calories used up by the body) that is greater than the body's intake of energy-generating nutrients. These resorts also foster socialization because people in these resorts perform activities along with other like-minded people. The people in these resorts guide each other and motivate each other into achieving their goals.

Still, making a decision to get inside one of these resorts nowadays requires plenty of self-motivation. Many activities inside these resorts are simply semi-structured - which means that once you are inside there, you decide which activities to do. While you are under the guidance of experts while in there, the decision to do the activities lies in your hands. Therefore you should know first what your goals are, and commit yourself to achieve them while inside any of these resorts. Don't worry; once you are inside these weight loss resorts, others may share the same goals as you do, and you will be glad to receive help from them.

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