How to Eat Coconut Oil for Weight Loss

Ever since I started eating coconut oil for weight loss several years ago, I feel the stepping up of my metabolism constantly and my weight has come off by a few more pounds after a prolonged weight loss plateau. At times, I was so busy that I couldn't spare time for my yoga sessions and this could sometimes last for more than a month. However, the lack of exercise doesn't take a toll on my size, but instead with the help of this natural fat-burning oil, my shape remains, or at times when I stood on scale, a further few pounds drop which really surprises me.

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Now, there's a good reason why eating coconut oil helps in weight loss despite its belonging to saturated fatty acid family.

Unlike other dietary fats (including even the commonly renowned healthful olive oil, flaxseed oil etc) which will most likely get stored as body fat after entering the body, coconut oil readily converts to energy. It may be of saturated fat nature, but it comprises predominantly medium-chain fatty acids. The length and size of structure of fatty acid is a vital factor that determines whether the fat will readily convert or store, not due to its saturation level.

Long-chain fatty acids are likely to stay because they're relatively more difficult to break down. Short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids break down easily and convert to energy almost immediately, just as carbohydrate does.

Because of the easy breaking down of oil to fuel, your metabolism increases. And an increasing metabolism is the key to effective weight loss.

Alright, now you know why coconut oil helps to lose weight. Next, we'll see how you should eat to maximize the power of this natural fat-burning food.

Select Virgin Coconut Oil for Healthy Weight Loss

You'll generally find few types of coconut oil such as MCT (medium-chain triglyceride), RBD (refined-bleached-deodorized), virgin, pure etc. Of all these types, virgin coconut oil (VCO) provides the best health benefits besides offering weight loss benefit.

If you want to lose weight and improve your health at the same time, VCO is the best of the best options. However, if you cannot stand its light aromatic odor (many people find it very soothing and pleasant, me too!), you can go with RBD oil instead. RBD does not provide as much health benefits, but it does offer a good option to those who do not want the oil to overshadow the flavor of their food.

How Much Coconut Oil to Eat

Did you know that coconut oil is a powerful stool softener that may trigger diarrhea-like effect if you unknowingly overdose on it? So for a beginner like you, I suggest that you take one teaspoon added as spread on your bread or to your morning coffee or healthy fruit juice or smoothie. Then another teaspoon blended in your dinner.

Do so for at least a week to allow your body to adapt to this healthful oil's effect before you increase to 2 teaspoons or 1 tablespoon per time. That should ensure you have a safe transition from eating coconut oil for weight loss and health.

If you feel you want to take it on its own, by all means, if you don't mind the oily aftertaste.

Last but not least, healthy weight loss with coconut oil takes longer to achieve, so don't rush, or your health may suffer like those who take on crash diets. If you consume it every day and consistently, you should expect a drop in few pounds after 3 - 4 weeks. As you increase the amount, you'll likely see better results. And of course, better health.

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