Choosing an Effective Weight Loss Plan

When you talk about effective weight loss plans, everyone has an opinion. After all, it is doubtful if you could find anyone who hasn't been on a diet or doesn't know someone who has. Almost no one has ever dieted in secret and most people are not shy about telling the world whether a weight loss plan worked for them or whether it was worthless. Not only can you get an opinion from most everyone you know personally, you can also get an opinion from almost every magazine at the checkout counter of your grocery store as well as thousands of sites across the internet. Simply opening the cover of a magazine or surfing the net will show you all of the latest and greatest weight loss "miracles".

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Considering the overwhelming amount of advice and number of weight loss systems, how do you know which diet will be an effective weight loss plan for you? How can you tell if the plan is safe? How can you tell if the program really works? How do you know if the plan is one which will leave you feeling hungry or satisfied, energized or fatigued? Read on and you will know how to determine if a weight loss plan will be effective for you. (We define such a plan as one which will help you attain the ideal weight for your body while at the same time help you change your habits so that the results are long-term rather than short-term only).

**Before you start any weight loss program, you should consult your doctor and review any medical problems you have and any medications you are taking which may limit or control the type of weight loss system you choose. In addition, if you have not had a physical in more than a year, you would be advised to have a complete physical performed just in case there are conditions of which you are unaware.

There's not a perfect one-size-fits-all diet plan that will work for everyone. You must take into consideration:

Your lifestyle: are you active or sedentary, do you have any spiritual or ethnic preferences or restrictions you need to consider?
Your likes and dislikes: what types of food do you prefer, hate or possibly have allergies to, what types of exercise do you like, do you currently do, CAN you do?
Your psychological make-up: can you stick with a diet on your own or do you need a support group. If you need a support group, can that support group be on-line or will you need an in-person support group?
Your target weight: do you need to lose a little weight or a lot of weight?
Your budget: some plans are reasonably inexpensive to follow while others (especially those with pre-packaged foods or supplements) can be expensive.
Medical conditions or medications: do you have any medical conditions or medications that will restrict the foods you can eat, the supplements you can take or the physical activity you can do?
Previous diets: why did they work or why didn't they work? If they worked, why weren't you able to keep the weight off?

Consideration of your answers to the items listed above will help you to find your own effective weight loss plan.

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