How To Plan Your Meals Effectively For Weight Loss Control

Many people looking for permanent weight loss have the right mind set of what they should do, but they just don't understand this whole weight loss dieting thing. Well, it isn't too complicated when you know exactly what to eat on a weight loss plan and what to avoid in order to promote fast, natural weight loss.

However, I've already covered both of those two topics into great detail in previous posts, so now you have to understand how to control your meals effectively and when to eat them. Now, you may think that avoiding junk food and eating healthy foods, unprocessed foods is the only thing you can do increase your natural fat loss processes, but there is more.

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To go one step ahead of everyone else and get maximized results in half the time, you have to eat smaller meals more often. Yes, that's it. That is the true secret to going beyond eating healthy and increasing your natural weight loss. Now, let's jump into how this whole eating schedule works.

What This is Not

This method of eating is not a way for you to cheat on your diet and give yourself a "handicap" just because you're eating the proper way. You can't compensate for bad foods by scheduling meals appropriately. You have to combine your healthy diet with the appropriate meal planning as well as the perfect portion size for each meal.

How Much To Eat

If you have a certain weight loss goal, whatever it may be, this next element applies to you and everyone else with any kind of fat loss goal. You want to eat 5-6 meals per day if you want to be successful with losing excess weight. Now you may be thinking, "Woah, woah, Jason isn't that way too many meals?"

But, just hear me out. It isn't necessarily the amount of meals that cause the obesity epidemic today, but rather it's the portion size the hurts so many individuals. Just because we increase your meals per day doesn't mean we're maintaining the normal portion size, because that would be terrible. No, we are going to increase your meals per day but dramatically increase the portion size of each meal.

The Psychological Effect This Has On Your Weight Loss

What happens is that many people become accustomed to their style of eating and it becomes so normal to them, that they end up having massive portion sizes without even realizing it. However, with this type of meal schedule, you'll be playing the psychological game with your mind and body.

Since your body is used to eating so much during each meal, decreasing your portion size and upping your meals per day is going to cause you to naturally feel full after each meal, even when you really haven't eaten that much.

What happens is you'll be eating 5-6 meals per day, which means you'll be eating on a steady basis. This will cause you to feel full throughout the day as your body is so accustomed to eating heavy during each meal. Because your body is used to eating so much, this change in portion size and amount of daily meals is going to cause your body to feel full easier, which will prevent you from overeating with massive portion sizes.

What we're trying to do here is create a different lifestyle for you which you'll become accustomed to after a while. This will cause your body to naturally feel full faster and become accustomed to smaller portion sizes.

What You're Going To Eat For Each Meal

So, you're going to be eating 5-6 meals a day, and that's a lot. So what exactly do you need to eat for each of those meals to keep the portion size down and make this meal planning schedule effective?

What I learned is that you have to eat proteins and carbs in each meal, however you won't be eating the kind of carbs you think. In fact, you'll probably be eating most of the healthy carbs that you tend to stray away from, but keep in mind that 50% of your meals should consist of healthy carbs.

Now, I suggest your carbs include avocado, eggs, coconut oil, and animal fat. Now your animal fat isn't just going to be any kind of meat, but rather it's going to avoid heating your meat at high temperatures and purchase meats that you know is raised appropriately. We aren't going for McDonald's meat here.

Your protein should consist of protein shakes made from the vegetable or whey protein as well as other good sources of vegetable protein and meats. Utilize a good amount of amino acids and try to consume a significant amount of protein about an hour before bedtime because research has proven that the best time for protein synthesis and muscle anabolism is during your sleep.

Your protein is best utilized during the hours you sleep so keep this in mind when you plan your meals. Use good sources of both foods and evaluate yourself to determine your personal nutrition type.

By evaluating yourself, you'll be able to indicate the exact ratio of carbs, vegetable carbs, protein, and healthy weight loss promoting fats. I can give you the proper guidelines to follow for meal planning, but it's all up to you to determine your personal nutrition and body type.

The Physical Effect On Weight Loss

When planning your meals, you'll be able to control your weight effectively, but how does this happen? This is due to the way your body deals with your careful meal planning and the nutrients you provide yourself in each meal. When you eat 5-6 small meals a day, you naturally become more full throughout the day and don't have the temptation to overeat.

Usually when most people overeat, it's because they only have 2-3 meals a day, so they overcompensate for their hunger. This leads to obesity and is the number one reason the average person's portion size is extremely massive. In addition to careful meal planning, your nutritional value for each meal is extremely important as well. Your body needs to meet a certain requirement everyday for healthy carbs, proteins, and healthy fats. The problem is most people don't meet these requirements but instead replace proper nutrients with bad eating habits that cause obesity.

On top of massive portion sizes, their regular foods are completely unhealthy and cause unhealthy weight gain. Now when you consistently meet the daily recommendation for healthy fats, carbs, and proteins, your body becomes accustomed to this and will actually crave healthy foods instead of processed junk.

This will help with your temptation to eat bad foods, as your body won't really have that craving anymore, but will crave foods that it desperately requires on a daily basis, especially for weight loss.

A Final Look At Successful Meal Planing For Weight Loss

Here is a final list of guidelines for you to follow when looking over your meal planning schedule. This is just a broader more collective overview of everything I went over in the beginning.

Here's The Meal Planning Guide:

-Eat 5-6 small meals a day to control your weight

-Decrease your normal portion size to smaller portions

-Eat consistently about every 1.5 to 2 hours

-Consume healthy carbs that derive from vegetables and fruits

-Consume healthy sources of protein and healthy meat

-To build muscle consume most protein an hour before bedtime

-Stay consistent with this diet to make your body accustomed to it

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