Ways To Live Healthy - Weight Loss Success Stories For Women Have A Common Focus

Weight loss success stories for women have a common element for permanent elimination of belly fat and thigh fat. Focusing on ways to live healthy trumps all dieting behavior. When you target making significant and important changes in your lifestyle, it enhances your lifelong eating habits. Let me show you how interconnected four simple ways to live healthy can be for writing your own weight loss success story.

Ways To Live Healthy - Optimal nutrition

When it comes to weight loss for women, dieting does not work. Why? Because it is a short-term fix that usually involves rigidity, or severe restriction of certain foods. You can establish the necessary calorie-deficit needed to lose weight safely and sensibly just by getting rid of foods that are harmful to you, and making food choices from selections produced by Mother Nature.

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You can have more energy, and feel more satisfied, just by following a few elementary tips for your lifelong eating plan.

Eat with awareness. Know what you are putting in your mouth each time you eat.
Get sugar foods (boxed cereals, pastries, desserts, fruit drinks, soda, etc.) out of your current diet. These foods taste good, but sugar foods are the biggest saboteurs of weight loss success stories for women.
Reduce the amount of processed foods (those that come boxed, in cans, or wrapped in plastic) you eat. Yes, they taste delicious, but that is because the fat has been altered, sugar added...and chemicals pumped into them. Work hard to get them out of your diet.
Go easy on grains. They are touted as health foods, but in reality they are bloated with carbs and calories. Whole grain pasta, bagels, bread, and pizza taste wonderful, but they are also very easily stored on your waist and hips.
Raw fruits, vegetables, unprocessed nuts, and solid (wild fish, turkey, grilled chicken, venison, buffalo) protein sources are the building blocks of a lifetime eating plan. Each meal or snack should contain a serving of each.
Solid protein sources are far more beneficial than protein drinks. Shakes do not satiate you, and you'll end up eating more food. Solid protein sources make you feel full...and they take more calories to digest!
Several small meals are much better for your blood sugar levels that three large ones. Maintain blood sugar levels and you maintain insulin release.
Drink more water. (Not tea, coffee, or diet pop.) An ounce of water per every two lbs. of body weight is good to shoot for when you start. Even slight dehydration can bring on feelings of being "empty"...fooling you into thinking you need to ingest more calories.

Ways To Live Healthy - Move more

Regular and consistent exercise is all part of a comprehensive change to a more positive lifestyle. However, there is absolutely no need for extreme routines that leave you mentally drained and physically exhausted. Keep this in mind: There is NO WAY you will ever be able to run-off or exercise-off all of the calories needed to write you own weight loss success story.

Exercise goes hand-in-hand with optimal nutrition when it comes to establishing a calorie-deficit. Quality nutrition reduces the amount of calories, while intelligent exercise builds lean muscle tissue to burn more. This lean muscle also gives women a toned and fit look, as opposed to being slender, but flabby.

There are to types of exercise for you to consider: Strength training with weights and cardio that includes interval training sessions.

Weight training should focus on multi-joint lifts (squats, rows, pull-ups, etc). Isolated exercises simply do not stimulate enough of a metabolic response to increase your lean muscle tissue effectively, plus many of them are now contraindicated. Your workouts should never take more than 45-60 minutes.

Your weekly cardio routines needs to combine steady-state movements with sessions of high-intensity interval training. You will need to gradually work up to these workouts. Keep in mind, walking on the treadmill while reading PEOPLE magazine means you are not working hard enough during your steady-state sessions. 30 minutes of daily cardio will do wonders for you mentally, physically, and emotionally.

Count on being a little sweaty, out of breath, and red in the face when you exercise. It is part of improving.

Weight loss success stories for women are loaded with following a plan of regular and consistent exercise that is well-thought out.

Ways To Live Healthy - Get quality rest

Approximately 40% of all adults are sleep deprived and about 75% exhibit some form of sleep disturbances. The lack of adequate rest has been directly linked with an increase in body fat because it is during sleep that the critical hormonal responses related to human growth hormone take place.

Getting quality rest takes some planning just like it does for your nutritional and movement needs. Simple strategies like going to bed at the same time each night, taking a warm shower before bed, eating some protein (and staying away from carbs) to keep you satiated all night, and not getting worked up with texting, surfing the Internet, or watching TV all play a major role.

Keeping your room dark helps promote the secretion of melatonin, which greatly enhances deep sleep. Keeping your bedroom free of clutter and making your bed each morning promotes a relaxing atmosphere.

These simple tactics for ways to live healthy go a long way in helping you author your own weight loss success story.

Ways To Live Healthy - Get poisons out of your life

Weight loss success stories for women contain many instances of overcoming self-defeating behaviors that include smoking, anger issues, excessive drinking, and even drug usage.

Addictive behavior affects all areas of your life. Thousands of women have been helped by caring and insightful professional counselors and support groups that confront your issues in a gentle, but healing way. Friends are great, but it is difficult for them to be objective. If you truly want to make lasting changes, you need to look outside your social network for professional guidance.

Please know that people seek counseling because Life can be a mess. You are NOT the mess. You are looking for ways to live healthy in situations that trigger powerful emotions.

Weight loss success stories for women are made up with chapters that interconnect and elements that continually influence each other. As you seek more ways to live healthy, you will be writing more volumes of your own story.

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