Extreme Weight Loss: The Truth About These Extreme Fat Loss Lies!

C'mon, think about it just for a second! Do you really think that the extreme weight loss promises the diet companies promote are really going to be the answer to all of your weight issues? Really, do you! If you answered yes, then you need a good slap up along-side the head!

In a nutshell, the truth about these extreme fast loss claims are leading you down a one-way road that will end with disappointment.

What goes up must come down, right? We all know this to be a constant truth! Now apply it to losing weight. If you lose an extreme amount of weight in a short amount of time, what do you think the chances are that if you continue to take the extreme weight loss approach, you will just gain all the weight back again, just as fast as you lost it? The chances are pretty good! Here's why...

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The bodies systems do not work this way. If you starve your body to get extreme weight loss results, what do you think your body will do once you start eating again? Your body is going to gain it all back again. In fact, your body will just keep gaining even more than what you lost, unless you do something to stop your metabolism from storing fat.

A fast diet will ALWAYS backfire on you, unless you actually change what you are eating on a daily basis.

Here is an example: If tomato sauce always gives you heartburn, which remedy do you think will be best for your body: 1, listen to your body and stop eating tomato sauce because if effects your system in a negative way, or 2, take an antacid to hide the problem? If you answered #2, then you are just prolonging the inevitable. Years worth of taking a drug to hide the problem, most likely will lead to more problems. It is the same for weight loss.

Diet after diet, gaining more and more weight in the process, struggling with your weight for decades, will most likely end up with a body that will be fat, diseased, and lethargic.

Now, take that same scenario with your weight and instead of doing the same old thing, getting nowhere positive, instead, change what you are eating to get the permanent weight loss results your body is looking for. What do you think you may end up with, perhaps a body that is thin, energetic, healthier, more active, and disease free? That's exactly the approach I took almost 40 years ago and I mostly fit scenario #2.

The truth is; extreme weight loss methods will ALWAYS backfire on you. You need to educate yourself with the proper way to lose weight permanently.

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