Weight Loss Plateau - Its Causes and How to Get Past It

You are continuing with your low calorie diet regime. You are sticking to a consistent aerobic and anaerobic exercise program and yet the scale refuses to move down even an ounce. You feel stupefied and frustrated that you have stopped burning fat and losing weight.

The truth is that you have reached a weight loss plateau.

This stalemate generally spans a period of two consecutive weeks and rest assured it is a normal occurrence and can be overcome.

Causes of weight loss plateau

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1. Reduction in calorie burn out

It is common knowledge that you find it difficult to perform tough physical exercises in the beginning. It becomes easier as you continue doing them. In other words, your muscles, heart, lungs adapt to stronger workouts.

The reason for this is that while you burn more calories in the beginning of your exercise, you burn less or practically no calories at all as your body adapts to it and becomes stronger.

2. Your weight loss also causes this problem

We all know that it is easier for the light weight person to climb a mountain than an obese and heavy person because you need to carry the burden of your extra flesh.

To translate in terms of calories, you burn fewer calories if you are lean and thin and more calories if you are overweight. It is in this sense that the weight loss also contributes to the cause of this problem.

How to get past weight loss plateau?

The answer to this question is quite simple. It lies in the causes of the weight loss plateau. You have to get out of the new comfort zone you have achieved. You should set up higher goals, new bench marks.

The most important thing is not to follow blindly a generalized diet and workout plan, but to devise one to suit your individual needs.

Lift heavier weights; run faster over longer distances than before; change the exercise regime; set new limits in whatever workout regime you follow and burn more calories.

But all this is easier said than done.

It is always easy to set up goals, but difficult to achieve them. It requires a sustained effort, rigorous discipline, strong motivation and will power to achieve the kind of weight loss you dream of.

Your zeal starts cooling down after a few days and you start finding excuses to miss out your exercises. You get tired of the bland, tasteless, fat free, calorie free and monotonous diet regimes and long for the fried crispies, chocolates and pastries.

And why should you not enjoy them if you stay within limits? This can be done by taking good weight loss pills.

Try Proactol Plus weight loss pills.

Proactol Plus weight loss pills are made up of a natural cactus plant called prickly pear. Its fibrous ingredients bind with a whopping 28% of the fat you eat, stop it being absorbed by your body and pass it out. So you can continue to eat the food you eat daily. They also create a feeling of fullness and reduce craving for food.

They can help you to burn off about 250 calories daily without taking any physical exercise.

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