Weight Loss Eating Plan: Why I Eat Breakfast (And Why You Should Too)

Sometimes I get reminded of how naïve I am with weight loss and nutrition. I stupidly assume that most people know the absolute, no-brains fundamentals of weight loss...such as eating breakfast each morning.

In my mind, there are very few effective weight loss eating plans that do not include a meal in the morning (commonly referred to as breakfast).

However, I am often reminded that most people are not aware of this simple fact, and furthermore, most people skip breakfast...especially those who are trying to lose weight! Little do they know that they are literally making it more difficult for their body to burn fat and lose weight.

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Does this sound like you at all? C'mon, be honest. I promise not to judge.

After all, if you have previously skipped breakfast thinking that it was actually conducive to burning fat, you are not alone. Millions of Americans alone think just like you.

It is natural to think that eating less means losing more weight. Well, that is not exactly so. Let me explain to you why eating more, and especially eating a healthy breakfast, is necessary for the most effective healthy weight loss plans.

When we sleep, our body goes into a semi-state of preservation. Not having a consistent flow of nutrients, our body's systems slow down in an attempt to preserve the energy stores that it has within the body. During this period (sleep), our body is conserving energy and thus burning more calories.

When we awake, and we begin to move, our body wants to start speeding up energy production. However, without a supply of nutrients to break the fast, our systems tend to remain in this slowed down state...again, to conserve energy.

When we eat our first meal of the day, our body begins to receive the nutrients and knows that it is ok to speed up the processes that make up our metabolism. However, the longer you go while awake without feeding your body, the more likely your body is to want to stay in that state of preservation, the slower your metabolism will be, and the more fat you will tend to store.

Now, that being said, simply eating breakfast is not exactly enough for weight loss if we are feeding our body with poor food choices. You have to make sure that when you do break the morning fast that your weight loss eating plan includes foods that promote lean muscle gain and fat burning.

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