Weight Loss and Its Relationship to Body Shape

There are important factors that must be considered when planning an effective weight loss program. Key to weight loss success is selecting the right program and approach that takes your individual uniqueness into consideration.

Many people have already learned from experience that the one size fits all approach to weight management just does not work for the majority. Even for those that do experience weight loss as a result of following the latest fad diet or by taking any of the numerous pills, potions, or supplements that are marketed will share...every pound that was lost was gained right back.

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Sustained weight loss must be focused on individual behavior and your body's unique issues which have caused you to gain weight. We are fat because some part of our body is not healthy. If you have problems losing weight, it is most likely that you have unhealthy hormones. Your excessive weight therefore is a symptom of an unhealthy YOU. The focus must be to make and keep your body healthy. You can not just simply focus on weight loss alone. As you become healthier, weight loss will take place naturally.

What you see in the mirror related to how your body is shaped provides meaningful clues to the weight loss program that will be effective for you. Hormones that are involved in metabolism cause your body to either burn fat or to store fat. The fat storing hormones are responsible in directing where the fat is placed / stored in your body. Since the different body shapes result in large part from where and what type of fat has been deposited, an effective weight loss program must be able to promote fat burning from these specific fat storage areas.

The four body shapes, adrenal, ovary, liver, and thyroid provide important clues about your metabolism and hormones. Each body shape is an indicator of how certain hormones and organs are functioning in the metabolic process. Successful long term weight loss / weight management must take these factors into consideration.

The real problems associated with weight loss / weight gain are deeply rooted in your unique metabolism and the hormones that control it. Eating the right foods will help your body to repair itself in addition to stimulating the 6 hormones that cause your body to burn fat.

We will be discussing each of the above mentioned body types in detail in future / coming posts. Come back and join us!

Remember...you can get started with helping your body burn fat by immediately eliminating sugar and refined carbohydrates from your diet. Just because it tastes good does not mean that it is good for you!

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