Slow And Steady Makes For An Effective Weight Loss

An integral part of an effective weight loss program is the requirement that you be realistic when establishing your goals for how quickly you expect to lose the weight. Everyone wants an instant weight loss and I am sure you don't want to lose "only" a few pounds each week. Losing a modest amount of weight per week is much more conducive to long term weight reduction.

In addition, trying to drop the weight too fast will cause your body will fight against you by reducing your metabolism rate or by simply making you feel sluggish or even sick. Overly ambitious diet goals will simply leave you discouraged. A more appropriate goal is a couple of pounds a week. Those that are 75 or more pounds overweight may be able to drop a good bit more weight during the initial weeks of a new diet. If that happens, great. However, your ideal goal should still be around two pounds a week.

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Everyone in today's society wants things done immediately and even microwave popcorn isn't fast enough anymore. However, if you lose a realistic amount of weight a week, making small subtle changes to your diet, you are much more likely to keep the weight off long term than if you try to lose a massive amount of weight quickly through a crash diet. You don't want to have to do this all over again in six months or a year and if you crash diet, you most likely will have to do just that. You have to have the mindset that this is a lifelong process.

You need to understand that a slow and steady weight loss will beat a drastic weight reduction over the long haul every time. Even more importantly than the permanence (or lack thereof) of your weight loss, you will suffer fewer adverse health consequences as a result of your diet plan by taking it slow and steady.

A slow and steady weight reduction is much less stressful to your mind as well as your body. Setting a realistic weight loss goal per week allows you to easily meet those goals. Continually meeting your goals will keep you motivated and on track. Write down your goals; visualize your new body in the mirror each day. Repeat positive affirmations about your body and your weight loss. Reward yourself each time you meet a goal and above all, remember that you are making a lifelong lifestyle change and, if you will do all of the above, this should be the last diet you ever have to be on.

Remember, the most effective weight loss plan is the one you only have to follow once.

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